Waistless Slimming Patch

F.L.O.W. Industry introduces the WAISTLESS Slimming Patch with FORSKOLIN. These patches were created to maximize on your waistloss journey. Just one patch per day may assist in creating the most optimal results in conjunction with our amazing WAISTLESS system or even by themselves. 

 The WAISTLESS Transdermal patches allow a slow-release of nutrients directly into your system through the skin. This process makes the nutrients available for immediate use and maximum absorption by-passing the digestive tract.

Forskolin is the hottest new supplement for a belly fat eliminator! Forskolin has been used to increase blood flow and reduces weight gain.* Forskolin has also been used since ancient times to improve the affects of heart disorders such as high blood pressure as well as respiratory disorders such as asthmas*.

results may vary*

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